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Brook specializes in all types of restoration projects including commercial, institutional and residential/condominium anywhere in Ontario. Our projects range from small scale to complex multiyear; Exterior Wall Repairs; Masonry and Stonework Repairs; Heritage Building Restoration; Parking Structure Rehabilitation; Weatherproofing and Moisture Protection; Balcony Concrete Rehabilitation & Railings Replacement; Window & Sealants Replacement; Specialty Repairs.

10 Avoca Avenue, Toronto



Remove and dispose existing coating from the balcony slab soffit and parapet wall, etc.

Remove & dispose of existing waterproofing membrane, and existing concrete topping from top of balcony slabs

Repair topside and Soffit concrete delamination on balcony slabs

Replace corroded support pegs at railing posts on a as needed basis

Repair the cracks at the soffit and concrete parapet of the balcony slabs

Repair delaminated concrete as through slab repair, Vertical surfaces and edges for balcony slabs

Supply and install new reinforcing steel, new thin waterproofing system and install new elastomeric coating at the balcony slab soffit, parapet wall, and on balcony columns, at roof parapet and ground floor columns

Remove, store and reinstall the divider walls and the glazing of the guardrails after the completion of the concrete repairs