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Brook specializes in all types of restoration projects including commercial, institutional and residential/condominium anywhere in Ontario. Our projects range from small scale to complex multiyear; Exterior Wall Repairs; Masonry and Stonework Repairs; Heritage Building Restoration; Parking Structure Rehabilitation; Weatherproofing and Moisture Protection; Balcony Concrete Rehabilitation & Railings Replacement; Window & Sealants Replacement; Specialty Repairs.

1407 Royal Road, Toronto



Remove and store balcony glass panel railings and privacy screen dividers

Reinstall railings with stainless steel anchors

Remove and install the shear wall anchors that secure top rails to shear walls and privacy screen dividers

Remove concrete balcony slab edges

Sandblast and clean all repair areas and exposed reinforcing steel

Replace deteriorated reinforcing steel with epoxy coated bars

Sandblast repair surface and exposed reinforcing steel and coat steel with one coat of epoxy paint

Supply and install 15mm epoxy coated bars along top of all roof edges

Repair through slab delamination

Prepare and seal top slab cracks with elastomeric coating and rout and seal larger cracks with urethane sealant

Waterproof all balcony top, side and front surfaces.

Paint the new soffit concrete at roof edge.

Brick and Caulking Repairs on PH

Balcony, RoofMike Sheehan