Brook Restoration
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Every job is different.
Our standards for excellence remain the same.

Brook specializes in all types of restoration projects including commercial, institutional and residential/condominium anywhere in Ontario. Our projects range from small scale to complex multiyear; Exterior Wall Repairs; Masonry and Stonework Repairs; Heritage Building Restoration; Parking Structure Rehabilitation; Weatherproofing and Moisture Protection; Balcony Concrete Rehabilitation & Railings Replacement; Window & Sealants Replacement; Specialty Repairs.

505 Cummer Avenue, Toronto



Mobilization/demobilization, site safety, administration, site clean-up, barriers, temporary works, protection, signage, traffic control, etc.

Swingstage rigging/access

Slab front

Soffit repairs

Top surface repairs

Steel plates corrosion

Top/front surface repairs at steel plate locations

Shearwall vertical concrete repairs

Repaint balcony soffits

Repaint shearwalls at balcony drops

Concrete topping/slopping repairs

Steel replacement

Electrical modifications for swingstage

Carpet removal

Shearwall paint

Swingstage rigging/access

Concrete shear wall repairs

BalconyMike Sheehan